Blizzard Launches Inaugural Overwatch World Cup

Blizzard Entertainment announced that they will be hosting a multinational Overwatch tournament at BlizzCon, its annual video game convention. The tournament will be called the Overwatch World Cup which will bring together teams from multiple nations to compete against each other.

The Overwatch World Cup teams will be decided by various communities around the world voting for which players they’d like to see represent their country’s team. These teams will then compete in initial exhibition matches online and, eventually the top teams, at the BlizzCon 2016 in November. The player nominations will be a mix of pro gamers, skilled community personalities from the area, and local players who’ve climbed the ranks in Season 1 of Competitive Play. No prizes for the winners exist however the top 16 teams will be awarded an appearance bonus and a free trip to BlizzCon.

The inaugural Overwatch World Cup gets underway next month, and whether you’re competing or just want to watch it is sure to be a great entry for Overwatch into the world of eSports. Matches during Opening Week and at BlizzCon will be streamed live. We will update you when we have those additional details.


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